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“Philo”soap bars

There are five kinds of soap bars available: Traditional       Chamomile       Sage and Nettle        Lemon balm        Milk and Honey All kinds of soap bars PHILO, are low foaming; they are contained in recycled paper boxes and have a net weight of 120-130gr. The completely natural way of their production, in combination with the… Read more →

Υγρό σαπούνι

“Philo” liquid soap

There are three kinds of liquid soap available: Lemon balm          Sage and Nettle        Chamomile All kinds of liquid soap PHILO, are low foaming and contained in a 500 ml recycled plastic bottle with dispenser. The completely natural way of their production, combined with the use of pure essential oils, leave your skin fresh, cool and… Read more →


Lemon balm

NATURAL HANDMADE OLIVE OIL LIQUID SOAP with LEMON BALM PROPERTIES: hydrating softening, mild antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, low foaming liquid soap, for sensitive, irritated and intolerant skin and scalp. INGREDIENTS: aqua (rainwater), melissa officinalis (aqueous extract), PHILO lemon balm soap bar, saponaria officinalis (aqueous extract), sugar, lemon essential oil. Read more →