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About us

Our company “Philo” is a Social Cooperative Enterprise with production and distribution purposes. As a social cooperative “Philo” seeks to promote the local and collective interest, promote employment, and to strengthen social cohesion and regional development. It concerns the production of goods in sectors such as culture, environment, ecology, utilization of local products, preserving traditional activities and professions. In particular,… Read more →

The PHILOsophy of our products

Well begun is half done… Our principles are of great importance. Our goal is to combine traditional techniques with the methods and tools of modern technology and science. Our materials are carefully selected. We use only local and natural materials whose quality we can control and ensure. We do not use synthetic additives, chemically processed materials and improvers. We arrive… Read more →


“Philo”soap bars

There are five kinds of soap bars available: Traditional       Chamomile       Sage and Nettle        Lemon balm        Milk and Honey All kinds of soap bars PHILO, are low foaming; they are contained in recycled paper boxes and have a net weight of 120-130gr. The completely natural way of their production, in combination with the… Read more →

Υγρό σαπούνι

“Philo” liquid soap

There are three kinds of liquid soap available: Lemon balm          Sage and Nettle        Chamomile All kinds of liquid soap PHILO, are low foaming and contained in a 500 ml recycled plastic bottle with dispenser. The completely natural way of their production, combined with the use of pure essential oils, leave your skin fresh, cool and… Read more →

Launching PHILO Social Cooperative Enterprise (S.C.E.)

A TREASURED MOMENT: AN IDEA EVOLVES IN AN ACTIVE BUSINESS COOPERATION The idea: Let’s produce natural body-care and cleansing products, using only local, naturally pure ingredients, applying modern methods, that will protect their salutary properties. Thorough research and systematic laboratory tests, led us to the conclusive recipes and production line. The group receives support, in terms of financial tools and… Read more →