“Philo” liquid soap

There are three kinds of liquid soap available:

Lemon balm          Sage and Nettle        Chamomile

All kinds of liquid soap PHILO, are low foaming and contained in a 500 ml recycled plastic bottle with dispenser.

The completely natural way of their production, combined with the use of pure essential oils, leave your skin fresh, cool and lightly perfumed.

It is suggested that the product IS NOT kept under low temperature conditions, to avoid changes in body or viscosity of the product, as well as the consumption of the product within 1 year from production date.

The production process of the soaps


petrochemicals, parabens, silicons, glycols, amines, ALES, synthetic dyes, phthalates, animal by-products, animal testing.

Υγρό σαπούνι
Liquid soap