“Philo”soap bars

There are five kinds of soap bars available:

Traditional       Chamomile       Sage and Nettle        Lemon balm        Milk and Honey

All kinds of soap bars PHILO, are low foaming; they are contained in recycled paper boxes and have a net weight of 120-130gr.

The completely natural way of their production, in combination with the use of aqueous extracts of carefully picked local herbs, leave your skin fresh and moisturized.

It is suggested that the product is consumed within 2 years from production date.

The production process of the soaps


petrochemicals, parabens, silicons, glycols, amines, ALES, synthetic dyes, phthalates, animal by-products, animal testing.

Σαπούνι πλάκα
Σαπούνι πλάκα