About us


Our company “Philo” is a Social Cooperative Enterprise with production and distribution purposes. As a social cooperative “Philo” seeks to promote the local and collective interest, promote employment, and to strengthen social cohesion and regional development. It concerns the production of goods in sectors such as culture, environment, ecology, utilization of local products, preserving traditional activities and professions.

In particular, its goal is the utilization of local products and to
create jobs in the area of residence of all the members of the co-op (province of Magnesia). The primary objective is to produce completely natural products for body care and cleaning of clothes and surfaces via a company which will ensure quality of work for active members of the local community and will utilize local produce.

The members of the Social Cooperative Enterprise “Philo” are:

Delistathis Christos

Loizou Caterina

Madafouni Voula

Marandos Natasha

Mouzouraki Valia

Routsia Maria


Package graphic design – photography:

Theodoropoulou Nikoletta