The PHILOsophy of our products

Well begun is half done… Our principles are of great importance.


Our goal is to combine traditional techniques with the methods and tools of modern technology and science. Our materials are carefully selected.
We use only local and natural materials whose quality we can control and ensure. We do not use synthetic additives, chemically processed materials and improvers. We arrive at the desired effect by combining the properties of natural products, after systematic experimentation and testing. We offer completely natural cleaning and care products, friendly towards even the most sensitive skin, which after use leave no burden on the environment, but are completely biodegradable and absorbed naturally.

Our commitment to local ingredients adds value to local production and also allows us to consistently cost our finished products. We focus on the real value of the products’ use and not on artificial characteristics (we give emphasis on the proper and gentle cleansing and caring effect, not on the use of perfumes, pigments and the effect of foaming). We allow the herbs to give their beneficial properties, combined with fresh,quality olive oil and raw beeswax. Our aim is for
our products to find good implementation and use without setting financial barriers.